Friday, October 22, 2010

Mediterranean Week

This week I was inspired by a Mediterranean cook book I found in the library.  It had so many beautiful photos that I didn't want to wait until Friday's Foreign Food Fest to try the recipes.  Instead, I decided to sprinkle the dishes throughout the week.
Sunday, I made falafel pitas with veggies and sauteed olives in rosemary.  The kids helped me chop the tomatoes, cilantro and lettuce for the pitas.  I admit that I cheated in making the falafel.  I used a box mix instead of the recipe in the book only because of time.  I want to try making it from scratch someday.  For the olives, I bought Kalamata and other green Greek olives.  I sauteed a few red onion slices in olive oil then, tossed in the olives.  I added a few sprigs of fresh rosemary from my indoor herb garden (just a bunch of pots in a sunny window).
The result was delicious.  Even my 6 year old son ate all of his pita. Yeah, success!  He proclaimed that he wanted it for his school lunch the next day. Unfortunately, he only ate one bite before moving onto his grapes.  Oh well.